Chocolate Desserts in a Jar

In my line of work there are often left over bits of cake, globs of buttercream and spoonfuls of ganache. These tasty morsels have no destiny. They sit within a container awaiting to be gobbled up by a passing cake decorator peckish for a sweet biteful. Now a lot of the time we do have to taste what we've made (for quality control... honestly!) but sometimes you just have to say no.

We recently carved a Moshi Monster out of cake and there was a lot of spare chocolate cake just begging to be scoffed. However here at Bijou Cakes HQ we can't just scoff left over cake willy nilly. No, there are waistlines (not to mention hips, bums and tums!) to consider. But should we just throw it all away? Of course not, that would be a travesty! Lovely, moist, dark, rich, chocolate cake going in the bin!!! Never!

There are a few things one can do with leftover cake. Cake pops seems to be the most popular thing to make (I don't know if I'm the only one) but I really can't stand mushy cake pops! It just feels like someone has already chewed it! Sorry if I'm being gross. Cake crumbs are mixed with buttercream and rolled into balls and covered in chocolate or candy melts. I much prefer to cook balls of cake in a cake pop maker.

I decided to make these lovely desserts that can be given away to a deserving neighbour, friend, relative or boyfriend. They will think that you've spent hours in the kitchen. And these scrumptious pots of gooey chocolate heaven can be frozen too so it's all good! The inspiration for these came from a delightful little book all about desserts in jars.)

I got my jars from Ikea for £1.90 (for 4) but most supermarkets sell them for a reasonable price.

Cake (cut into chunks)
Buttercream (I used Galaxy chocolate flavour) or you can use freshly whipped double cream
Chocolate sauce (the kind that comes out a squeezy bottle for ice-cream)
Caramel sauce (you could add fruit coulis to cut the sweetness)
A chocolate bar cut into chunks (I used Cadburys Caramel) or you can use fruit/nuts for a healthier alternative.

  1. Place chocolate cake chunks, buttercream and sauces into your jars in layers.
  2. Make sure to put extra sauce on top and add chunks of chocolate bar to garnish.
  3. Seal your lids and add a pretty ribbon bow if you like!
These will last for up to a week in the fridge (depending on how fresh your cake is).

I would have added peanuts to these, for texture, but unfortunately the recipients have a nut allergy. You however can use any flavour combination you like. How about chocolate cake, cherries and Kirsch? Vanilla cake, strawberries and cream? What would you make?



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